An Independent Freight Railroad & Rail Services Management Company​

MBR was formed in 2019 when our partners saw an opportunity to combine resources to form a full service rail company with a unique approach. Our executive team has over 90 years of collective experience in the rail industry, with the ability to identify, acquire, market, develop, and efficiently maintain and operate railroads. 

Operational Strategy

MBR operates with a decentralized management organization that will allow local management to make prompt decisions for expanding operations.

Competitive Advantage

Leadership with a diverse background so we are able to evaluate and manage transactions differently than most Class 1 and Short Lines.

Acquisition Objectives

MBR has an open line of credit with our investors to implement faster completion schedules on M&A projects and capital to invest into infrastructure.

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Midwest & Bluegrass Rail

A full-service railroad management company with offices in Kansas City, MO and Lexington, KY 

Our Shortlines

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail operates four shortline railroads: Camp Chase Railway, Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad, Vermilion Valley Railroad, and Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad.

Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad

The Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad (CKIN) operates and maintains over 28 miles of track in proximity to the Chicago region.

Vermilion Valley Railroad

The Vermilion Valley Railroad (VVRR) operates and maintains approximately 10 miles of track between Illinois and Indiana.

Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad

The Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad (YSRR) operates and maintains nearly 40 miles of track in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Camp Chase Railway

The Camp Chase Railway (CAMY) owns and operates approximately 15 miles of track in the Columbus, Ohio area.

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With offices in two locations, MBR demonstrates our commitment to a decentralized approach.  Not only is this approach applicable to our existing operations, but to our future endeavors as well.

With offices in Kansas City, MO and Lexington, KY, MBR can easily access most of the country