Extending the Reach of Rail

transloading services

Multiple Transportation Modes in One Supply Chain

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail (MB Rail) offers transloading services at multiple locations, where a customer’s commodity can be transferred between railcars and trucks for first and last mile delivery. Transloading makes rail service easy and accessible for businesses that don’t have their own onsite rail spur.

Service Highlights

Who it’s for

Freight customers without direct rail access.

What it does

Transloading between railcars and trucks for storage or direct delivery.

Benefits of service

  • Onsite loaded railcar storage
  • Rail access without capital investment
  • Flexible delivery windows

The Process

Next Step to Start Transloading

Contact us today and let us show you the benefits of transloading services with MB Rail.


Why Use MB Rail for Transloading in Your Supply Chain?

Efficient Transportation

We can save you time by offering turnkey solutions that include both transloading and trucking.

Convenient Storage

Onsite inventory or railcar storage can be offered at our transload terminals.

Customized Solutions

We make the effort to understand each project so that our solution fits your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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