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Let Us Make Rail “Work” For Your Supply Chain

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail (MB Rail) operates shortline railroads across five states. We pride ourselves on our ability to make rail accessible for companies seeking to incorporate it into their supply chains. Whether it’s freight switching service, railcar storage, or multimodal transloading, you can trust our shortline operations to make rail “work” for you.

Need Rail Service? We Can Help

Who it’s for

Freight shippers and receivers, distribution companies, railcar fleet owners, and regional trucking carriers.

What it does

Customer-oriented rail switching and storage service to and from Class I (nationwide) railroad interchange points.

Benefits of service

  • Rail freight switching service
  • Railcar storage
  • Multimodal transloading

The Process

Why Trust MB Rail With Rail Shipping

Strategic Location

We’re strategically located in proximity to major industrial and population centers.

Adaptable Team

Our experienced team is ready to take on the changing dynamics of tomorrow’s supply chains.

Innovative Thinking

We’re willing to think outside the box in order to create solutions for our customers.

Let’s Get to Work

Please contact us about your rail needs, and we’ll take it from there.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ship a railcar to the MB Rail locations?

Does MB Rail have railcars for customers to use?

Which Class I (nationwide) rail carriers do the MB Rail shortlines connect with?