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Partner With MBR Freight Brokerage to Keep Your Drivers On the Move

Partner With MBR Freight Brokerage to Keep Your Drivers On the Move

Put your worries about finding freight at ease by partnering with MBR Freight Brokerage to source loads so you don’t have to. Our relationships with our carriers are crucial to consistently providing the service level our customers have come to expect.

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MBR Freight Brokerage is a part of the logistics arm of Midwest & Bluegrass Rail. Our parent company specializes in short-track rail, giving us the opportunity to move multiple commodities in and out of the Midwest and Bible Belt. Please reach out today to discuss if you can be a good fit as a service provider for our network of customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to acquire or partner with regional and shortline railroads in North America for high-quality freight services. We prioritize developing tight-knit relationships with carriers for efficient, timely, and strategic delivery.

The Values Behind Our Business

Decentralized Management

All of our employees have experience in various areas and can help with any task. If one of us doesn’t have the answer, we guarantee they only need to make one phone call to find it.

Mutual Partnership

For us, partnerships aren’t just about the money; it’s how we can benefit you and give you a valuable experience in freight services. We work with you closely to facilitate success for all parties involved.

Comprehensive Service

Our company is an expert in a variety of areas for optimized freight and brokerage outcomes.

Our Culture

Relationships are at the forefront of what we do as a railroad and freight brokerage company. We take the time to get to know our employees and develop them professionally with numerous career advancement opportunities. Under decentralized management, all of our employees are equipped with professional skills to make beneficial decisions for the company and our customers.

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