Taking Care of Your Railcars

railcar repair services

Value-Added Service for Our Customers

Through strategic industry partnerships, MB Rail offers railcar repair at its shortline railroad locations. This protects the safety and efficiency of our freight customers’ railcar fleets, and it includes an additional service of storing railcars on our tracks.

Service Highlights

Who it’s for

Freight customers, railcar storage customers, and railroad interchange partners.

What it does

Mobile railcar repair services.

Benefits of service

  • Maintenance of your railcars to keep you and your freight safe
  • Regular inspection and repair of railcars for quick availability
  • Convenient repair while in storage

The Process

We’ll Take It From Here

Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you through our mobile repair operations (MRO) partnerships.


Why MB Rail for Railcar Repair

Peace of Mind

With a growing emphasis on improving railcar safety, keeping your railcars well-maintained gives you peace of mind.

Lowered Costs

Mobile repair operations on a shortline railroad can reduce shipping costs compared to fixed railcar repair shops.

Quick Availability

Beginning and end-of-lease inspections and repairs insure that railcar fleets in storage can be quickly available for use.

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