Open Deck Options To Fit Your Needs

oversize freight shipping

3PL Specializing in All Open Deck Shipments

Our freight team manages every type of open deck shipment there is, and we handle any complications that come our way. We have dedicated open deck carriers as well as an organization of spot market solutions to handle all your open deck needs. We work closely with shippers, receivers, and carriers to preemptively avoid issues and limit unexpected costs.

Service Highlights

Who it’s for

Open deck shippers and manufacturers

What it does

Moves crane-loaded or drive-on equipment; factory parts or heavy machinery; concrete, lumber, and other building materials; agricultural equipment; and unique and unorthodox items

Benefits of service

  • The freight team manages appointments and permits and keeps you in the know every step of the way
  • Customer service teams work quickly and smoothly to ensure your deliveries are timely and, most importantly, safe
  • Our pricing and planning services suit any open deck need
  • We help you strategize for the volatility that comes with seasonal pressures in the open deck market

The Process

Support and Knowledge You Need to Stay Ahead in the Industry

We have access to all specialized equipment when it comes to your open deck needs. Even the most complex open deck moves are a non-issue for our experienced team of CSRs and dispatchers.


Why MB Rail for Oversized Transport

Shipment Visibility

We send accurate and up-to-date information on the timeline and location of your shipments.

Precise Planning

Great relationships with our network of carriers allow us to eliminate surprise costs. Our dispatchers and customer service team will plan, identify special routing, and make sure escorts and permits are legal and safe so our shipments are delivered with ease.

Competitive Rates

Our negotiated rates keep you at the forefront of your competition.

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