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Trust Us With Your Railcar Fleet

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail (MB Rail) specializes in the storage of empty, residue, and loaded railcars across its network of shortline railroads. Customers storing railcars on MB Rail operations enjoy the benefits of frequent railcar switching and value-added services, including railcar cleaning and repair.

Service Highlights

Who it’s for

Railcar leasing companies and freight shippers.

What it does

Store loaded or empty railcars.

Benefits of service

  • Multiple storage locations for ease of access
  • Loaded “storage in transit” (SIT) service
  • Available value-added services

The Process

Your Railcar Storage Solution

Reach out to us today for availability and rates at our shortline railroad locations.


Why Store Your Railcars with MB Rail

Advantageous Locations

Our Class I railroad interchanges are high capacity with high frequency for convenient access.

Dedicated Service

Our flexible and responsive service will ensure your railcars move when you need them to.

Qualified Team

Our team is experienced in managing loaded and empty railcar “storage in transit” (SIT) operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MB Rail have weight restrictions for loaded railcars in storage?