Railcar Storage

MIdwest & Bluegrass Rail has track space available for railcar storage at all four of its shortline railroad operations in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We can accommodate the storage of empty and loaded railcars alike. Our flexible switching service makes all four shortline railroads attractive as locations for loaded railcar storage-in-transit (SIT), whereby large blocks of loaded railcars are delivered to the railroad for temporary storage, and subsequently forwarded on to various final receivers as needed in smaller batches or individually.

Pricing for railcar storage is typically listed per car, per day, and is determined by several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Number of railcars involved in inquiry
  • Estimated duration of storage
  • Type and size of railcar
  • Contents of railcar (loaded, empty, or residue empty)
  • Additional needs of customer, such as switching of individual cars


Chicago Area

  • CSXT-DANVL-VVRR (Vermilion Valley Railroad)
  • NS-TMOMS-CKIN (Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad)
  • CSXT-WLSBO-CKIN (Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad)

Central Ohio

  • NS-COMPC-CAMY (Camp Chase Railway)

Pittsburgh Area

  • CSXT-LOLVL-YSRR (Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad)
  • NS-YGSTN-YSRR (Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad)