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final mile delivery

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As part of our comprehensive drayage services, we coordinate and facilitate the last leg of your freight’s journey. Between our service providers, we efficiently schedule pickups and deliveries and negotiate rates for successful delivery and optimized results. Our variety of options between rail and trucking transportation guarantees your freight will arrive at its final destination on time and hassle-free.

About Final Mile Delivery

Who it’s for

Freight customers and shippers

What it does

Delivers goods from last transportation hub to the customer

Benefits of service

  • Economical coordination for minimized costs and smooth deliveries
  • Shipment visibility for easy tracking and transparent communication
  • Transportation options for limitless shipping and straightforward transloading

The Process

Optimize Your Delivery

Talk to us about your needs for final mile delivery and get connected with the best logistics specialists in the region.


Why MB Rail for Final Mile Delivery

Efficient Transportation

Our rail and truck transportation options allow you to deliver your freight where you need to with ease.

Transparent Shipping

We provide shipment tracking and clear communication every step of the way.

Customized Solutions

We listen to your needs and customize the final mile delivery for the success of your business.

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