Careful Planning From the First Mile

first mile delivery

The First Hands On Your Delivery

Figuring out the initial step of where your goods are going next can be challenging and stressful. At MB Rail, we eliminate your stress by handling all the logistics for you. We carefully plan your freight’s delivery from the moment it ships out to the first warehouse destination. The first mile is just one component of our exhaustive drayage services to keep your costs low while maintaining a high quality of delivery.

About First Mile Delivery

Who it’s for

Freight customers and manufacturers.

What it does

Picks up freight from port or supplier and delivers it to the next location for transportation.

Benefits of service

  • Exact coordination of delivery from the moment your freight lands to the next destination
  • Customized drayage solutions so you don’t have to worry about how your commodity goes where it needs to
  • Availability and clear transparency for shipment visibility and easy scheduling

The Process

We Handle Shipping From The First Mile to The Front Door

The first mile of delivery is just the beginning of our services. We offer drayage solutions and more to help move your freight. Start by getting a free quote to learn more!


Why MB Rail for First Mile Delivery

Trained Experts

Our expert staff monitor your goods and coordinate the logistics for efficient delivery to the next destination.

Shipment Visibility

From the moment your shipment arrives, we provide tracking and clear communication for peace of mind.

Quick Availability

When others tell you, “No trucks available,” we’re the ones who pick up the slack and offer you the availability you need.

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