Transkentucky Transportation Railroad

The Transkentucky Transportation Railroad (TTIS) owns and operates over 55 miles of track between Paris, Kentucky and Maysville, Kentucky. TTIS interchanges railcars at its Paris Yard with CSX Transportation, which is on a main route between the Midwest and the Southeast. Switching service is tailored to customer needs, and is offered five days per week. TTIS can offer multiple value-added services to customers, including secure railcar storage, industrial development sites, and rail-truck transloading in Paris Yard, which is in close proximity to Lexington, Kentucky. Paris Yard is also home to MB Rail’s regional offices.


Kansas City and Paris, KY

Interchange Points 
CSX Transportation:
Paris, KY (PARIK)

Brendan C. Keener
330-406-7267  |  Email:

Customer Service:
Teresa Mills
Phone: 859-227-4477  |  Email:

Derrick Wynn
Phone: 334-648-2137  |  Email:

Other Information: 286,000 lb. railcar capacity  | Track space available for loaded and empty railcar storage