MB Rail to Open Multimodal Port

Maysville, Kentucky – October 16, 2023

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail (“MB Rail”), in partnership with the Maysville-Mason County Port Authority, is pleased to announce the development of a new multimodal logistics facility with access to rail (CSX), state highway, and river infrastructure. The site will be leased by a newly created entity called the Maysville Rail Port, LLC, an affiliate of MB Rail’s Transkentucky Transportation Railroad, commonly referred to as the TTI Railroad. The site for the proposed Maysville Rail Port was selected and secured in partnership with CSX and its Industrial Development and Real Estate teams. CSX will provide freight transportation services to the site.

“It would be hard to overstate my optimism for our region with this announced partnership with CSX and MB Rail. With our strategic location, the ability to access the Ohio River via the Maysville Rail Port has the potential to unlock economic development throughout Northeastern Kentucky. With two rail lines, river access and our central location, today’s announcement represents unlimited opportunity for Northeastern Kentucky and continues to highlight the positive momentum we’re building for the future. We greatly appreciate our partners with CSX and MB Rail and their investment in Maysville and Mason County.”

– Owen McNeill, Mason County Judge Executive

“MB Rail extends its gratitude for the tireless efforts of Mason County Judge-Executive Owen McNeill and CSX Industrial Development Manager Jody Lassiter, as well as their respective team members, throughout the process of selecting the site and launching this project.”

–Brendan Keener, MB Rail Vice President of Commercial Development.

“CSX is proud of the visionary public-private cooperation that is bringing this exciting project to Northeastern Kentucky. Safe, efficient and sustainable rail access is the key to economic growth in areas looking to attract industry and add jobs. The new Maysville Rail Port will allow a wide range of existing and new customers throughout the region to have efficient access to rail service.”

– Christina Bottomley, CSX Vice President of Real Estate and Industrial Development

“We are excited to get to work at the Port, which is strategically positioned with access to three transportation modes and sits in the heart of the rapidly developing AA-Highway Corridor. It’s the perfect recipe for business growth, and we look forward to collaborating with the Port Authority and CSX along the way.”

– Dustin Shaver, MB Rail Chief Commercial Officer.