Shortline Railroads

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail operates four shortline railroads: Camp Chase Railway, Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad, Vermilion Valley Railroad, and Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad. Along the tracks of these railroads, customers can expect the kind of locally-oriented, tailor-made freight rail service that has become a recognizable attribute of shortline railroads across the country. Our customers’ success is our business, allow us to be a key part of your supply chain.


Rail-Truck Transloading

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail recognizes that many facilities and sites have no direct access to rail. Don’t let this be a deterrent to enjoying the competitive advantage of shortline railroad service. We offer options at our four locations for rail-truck transloading,

Railcar Storage

Midwest & Bluegrass Rail has track space available for railcar storage at all four of its shortline railroad operations in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We can accommodate the storage of empty and loaded railcars alike.